To Be More Than Alive



  • I’ve got a black heart sometime it blinks but I’m gland that my world ain’t within black. It would have been the worse misery if I was limited within black. Every corner would have been a wander, I might be searching for rainbow from every days of my life. I never would have known where my sight are. Even with all of my strength I would never been able to see what this world looks alike. Depending on some other person for every simple problem to be solved. Looking over a corner and people might laugh for what I’m looking at. A wooden stick,  aside of me, would never be away, I would never  leave that friend of mine. People might feel pity for what I see, no more colour than black even with open eyes. For every ups and down I might struggle to fit where I might catch a hay where my fitness would never be great. And I would be just hanging up with a hope to be survived. 

Dream, I would like to call them just a  nightmare with no hope at all. Every dream would haunt me down and sacred me to death. Every step I would take might turn out as a scary face trap, escaping away with cold heart and asking to God for what he has done. Asking for some miracle to be happen. And in the end of the day I might curse the God for what curse he had given. If everything is supposed to be fit why I can’t. “Fittest the Survival ‘, it’s not kind of dream that we dream of. We dream “To Be More Than Alive ” . 


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