Strong Faced Mask

From the very early morning everything was going not so good. Hurried up to hospital and meeting all the people. Everyone was there. And everyone was having some kinda pain within as we were in a sentiment situation. It was raining from the early morning, not much of sunlight as usual. Everyone’s face was doomed as the morning with rain. We were in a time where we need to believe in God, pray him for showing some love for us. We were wishing all of the blessing from God. Uncle and aunt were too much in tens, their face wasn’t as pleasing as yesterday.
My cousin was about to go inside the operation theater, whomever I looked at, their face seems to be deeped inside the pray of God. Everything was ready and she was about to take inside the operation theater. Uncle was runing here and there in different department of hospital just to make sure every necessary reports were all received. And he told me blood bank cross match report wasn’t received yet and we ran over the blood bank. And as we reached to the hospital, she was already taken and everything was in the hand of Doctors. And almost after an hour, aunt was called, doctor gave her good news about operation being succeed. I still can remember how relived her face was after hearing that, everyone was relaxed. Everyone seems to be happy and everyone’s face started to cheer up. And doctor gave a receipt where dressing items were listed and I decided to go. As it was a government hospital, its pharmacy wasn’t much quite, lots of people  lots of talk and creating some kind of noise. No one was talking loud but still noise was being produced and no one can reduce that one. Cash counter, qued for paying bills and aside that people were waiting for their turn for check up. And some people were just on the floor talking about their problems and why they were here for. And I looked at the pharmacy counter there was a long que, 3 counters were being opened but all of them were busy. And I choosed 3rd counter to be on que which wasn’t much long. I gave my list and gave them a basket to put all the dressing items. List was so long that I had to wait for half an hour to get those listed things and a person from inside the pharmacy called me and said all of the things weren’t  available so I need to go out to buy that and he was re-listing those things,at the same time uncle showed up and i gave him that re-listed paper. I stand aside and just beside me there was an old man who was also waiting for his turn to get his listed things. I waited for more than10 mins and was informed that my thing are ready. Took it to the operation theater which was on fourth floor. And as I get back to 3rd floor everyone of my relatives were in normal condition . So I thought to get out of hospital, to get some fresh air.
Near the lab there was a bench and i sat there. And I saw my mum and some relatives were also coming there. We sat together and started to talk about how thankful we were. Operation was success and everyone was in normal mood, no more much problem. We were just waiting her to get in conscious. And suddenly some people started to gather up at the hospital’s door. Looking at, an old man and a ambulance driver who were discussing about an old man’s wife who died during an operation. It was the same old man who was behind me at the pharmacy counter. Driver was denying to take the dead body back to village from where he come, he was called to take back an old man’s wife to take back to his village after an operation. But she can’t make it. Driver was saying that his ambulance is just for sick person not the dead one. But an old man wasn’t agreeing to that, old man even said that he called that driver to go back but driver refused and asked for RS 500 for half way to hospital. I think that’s why an old man didn’t said his wife wasn’t sick anymore as she has gone leaving all her pain behind. I realised that driver was being selfish and drove to hospital instead of returning to village and as he knew lady wasn’t breathing anymore he started to make loud voice instead of being sorry to an old man who had just lost his wife.
That’s pretty shameful thing to every human. He was just asking for money rather than being sorry. Every person of the hospital was looking at driver just then an old man said it loud where everyone got his attention, “I called you when my wife was still alive, and what should I do when she passed away before you get here”, an old man with no tears in his eyes, just loud voices coming out, who knows how much he must be crying inside. Loosing the one who were supposed to be beside. Must have been dreaming to achieve even more dreams that they had dreamed. What on earth might be hard as this is, loosing the one whom we love the most. I would like to say that no ordinary man would be able to stop all the pain to spread upto his heart, an old man, being broke, no promise left to fulfill. He might have been left by other important  people in his life but at that time he had his wife beside him to cheer him up and motivate to move on. Whenever he was in pain his wife might have encouraged him to forget all of the painful stuff. But now he is left all alone to dive  into the painful world. No tears was there, I was watching him walking here and there consoling with doctor and trying to cover up his face with mask of being strong. I think that, that time must be the time for him to be strong. I can barely see his nervous face within nerve wrecking situation. People were all gathered up to see an old man’s wife, condonlense was there cause every people in the hospital might face same circumstances as they were all up there with same problem. Never know when their turns will come out. His wife was brought and lifted inside the ambulance and suddenly old man’s eyes were wet and his strong faced mask was broken. Long awaited tears starts to burst out, then I saw an old man’s ugly face with tears, how much pain it was for him, to loose his beloved wife. All those years he spent together might be in his mind, wandering what should he do now on,  without her. He has no voice at all but tears were crying so loud that every person was so sorry and whoever was looking at him was almost in tears, and even I.


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