Mesmerized heart broken love


Thanks for making me believe that leaving you was the best decision of my life, if I had been with you my dreams would never be fulfilled. “, the last thing she told me when we apart. No big deal, no drama to traumatize love, neither a compulsion to be within any boundary; wandering any of us were happy or not. It was just simple. No tears, no shouting; all went so well that it was like we don’t have any relation at all. She grabbed her way to fulfill her dream and I chose to be silent. I wasn’t mad at her cause I don’t let “us” to be happen. I sounded much more lonely and desperate after she left , I didn’t even tried to get to her and ask “let’s be together, again” as her last sentence were pretty much heavy and heart breaking; I would say that I died inside for her. There was no me, who loved her once. Her every words were bitter as truth. In her words, I let her down, knock her to feet and made her realize what she worth to me. I had loved her with pure heart and my soul was deeply in love with her.
Accused of what you didn’t do, it’s not the way how consequences were supposed to come out. Whatever I do, she sees with fire rage like I’m going to destroy with a flame called Love“.
Nowadays, as I remember her I get some kind of hatred feelings to us“. She can’t find an honesty inside my love and I can’t show her what she really means to me. Despite of all those things I still feel some kind of strange thing flowing within me, sounds like I still Love You. I might have gone insane in her LOVE , my so called dead feelings always rise like an PHOENIXevery single time when I close my eyes. I can’t deny the fact that I still haven’t been able to move on. Madness has levelled up so much high even I hate her somewhere within core, I’ve been searching her since the day one, she left me, pretending¬†as if she was lost rather than gone. What she has made me to go through, I really don’t count it to hate her. Well, I’m angry at myself for not being able to make her feel the way she has always wanted to feel. Maybe she had thought it thousand times to end up or maybe my love was kinda burden for her; it also can be, she didn’t find any more life being with me in love.


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