Moment of silence

  • Moment of silence 

” I miss You, I don’t know when I will get there. This place is totally strange …..” , Sobbing voice makes a clear sense that two heart has been one already . It’s inseparable , (thoughts came in a mind) You’re the one with whom my life need to be go on with. 

  • Just hearing a word from a beloved one , I cried a river,weeping like a kid . It was like I got no one in this world and the one who I got, I left her alone ,far beyond and never know when we gonna be a whole. More I hear her , I stumble and I cry again and again. Pain was stabbing deep inside I don’t know how I need to stop it. It just keep hurting and digging deep and deep. No words were coming out of mouth but still I was hearing words of encouragement from her side,” Hey, what’s you doing, why are you crying ? You ain’t gone for long. You said you go there so we can be one oneday. Isn’t that ?” Her words were naive and kinda bold but I can hear her crying breath. I know she was also tearing her eyes with tears. Even she was falling down she was cheering me up so I won’t feel bad. ……….

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